Hand, Foot, or Elbow Pain

Injury, overuse, or repetitive stress to the hands, feet and elbows can leave you with debilitating pain. We will assess the specific cause of your complaint and, if you are a candidate, can recommend a therapy to address the pain, restore mobility and function to these important areas of your body. 

A plan will be designed for you based on your specific areas of concern, which can include PRP or Stem Cell injections.

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How Regenerative Medicine can Work for Hand, Foot, or Elbow Pain

Science that benefits our patients starts with understanding the power of regenerative medicine. Over time as you age, your body loses its ability to repair itself, regenerative medicine products cooperate with your body's ability to help supplement, cushion and provide support exactly where it’s needed - in your hands, feet, elbows - or most anywhere pain becomes a problem. We believe in aiding your ideal regenerative environment in the least invasive or disruptive way possible.

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