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At Marino Health, we are closely monitoring the COVID 19 situation. We are deeply committed to our clients, our employees and our community.

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Advanced Regenerative Medicine Therapies

Chronic pain affects your quality of life and can often lead to unnecessary pain medications and even depression. It stops you from being able to do the things that you love. It affects your ability to exercise, to sleep, to travel, your relationships with others and so much more.

At Marino Health & Wellness, we provide patients with therapies that work with the body's natural ability to heal itself. We do not simply address the symptoms, but with stem cell therapy, the natural process of tissue repair is stimulated, which over time can decrease inflammation, restore function and alleviate pain. 

Multiple Treatment Options

At Marino Health, we don't use a "one size fits all" approach. We customize your specific treatment to your specific needs.  

A Proven Approach

Let's face it, 21st century treatments like stem cell therapy are on the cutting edge, but the data shows its effectiveness. 

Patient Testimonials

Read what our patients have said about our regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, and how it has changed their lives. 

Free Consultation

Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation or 30 minute office consultation with our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. 

Regenerative Therapy is                      

Stem cell treatments activate your body's ability to self-heal. Stem cell treatment has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of medical conditions. Additionally, we offer Trigger Point and Prolotherapy Injections - both proven to significantly reduce your pain.

stem cell medicine

Come Visit Our Office

We are conveniently located at 58 Range Road, Windham, New Hampshire, only minutes from Interstate 93. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help. 

Individualized Treatment

A personalized consultation with our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner can help determine if you are a candidate for any of our  stem cell therapies. 

Results Driven Care

Our main goal is to get you feeling better and to help you take your life back.  We formulate a plan of care, based on your diagnosis and symptoms, to determine the best therapy for you.

Medical Care You Can Trust

We utilize Stem Cell Therapy products from donated birth tissue as well as biologic factors from your own blood to accelerate, recover and promote healing from acute and chronic injuries.

"Just wanted to let you know I'm going up and down stairs with minimal popping and cracking. No pain and don't even have to use the railings! Wow, I'm so good in just 6 weeks and I keep getting better. I'm going faster up and down those stairs!"

      ~Carla C. 

FDA Registered for Your Safety

The FDA plays a role in stem cell treatment oversight and has the authority to regulate stem cell products in the United States. As part of the FDA’s review, investigators must show how each product will be manufactured. This is so the FDA can make sure appropriate steps are being taken to help assure the product’s safety, purity, and strength.

At Marino Health & Wellness, we source all stem cell products through an FDA Registered Lab. Our stem cells are safe for homologous use. That means they may be used to function in the same way the patient’s own tissue functions, which can aid in recovery.

Learn More About Our Approach to Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Treatments in NH. 

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