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"I absolutely LOVE this place! Rachel and her staff are so friendly and down to earth. They create such a nice relaxing environment for their clients. I have had multiple skin care treatments with amazing, long lasting results! Rachel is extremely knowledgeable! I told her my aging concerns and she instantly knew the best treatment plan. She gave me options and explained everything in detail. During treatments Rachel is very attentive, always making sure I was comfortable and satisfied before the treatment is over. Rachel is also constantly upgrading her products and equipment to offer clients the most advanced skin care around! For a great price too!" -H.J.

"Rachel Marino is a true healer. I don't think I've ever met a health care provider more genuinely interested in the well being and comfort of another human being! She is extremely knowledgeable and understands the importance of offering alternative and non-invasive ways to help her patients feel better, both physically and emotionally. She embraces new technology and is excited about sharing it with her clients. The entire staff has always been welcoming and friendly and with their help I am on the road to a healthier, more beautiful future. Thank you Marino Health & Wellness!" -R.D.

"When it comes to body care you have to be completely comfortable. It’s not easy pointing out your flaws to a stranger. I love that Kristy made me feel like a normal human and didn’t judge me! Kristy understood what I wanted and suggested what would be the best treatment. I love everyone at Marino Health, they are all so friendly and welcoming!" -K.P.

"I cannot give Rachel and her team enough stars for accurate credit!! I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery and practically dragged here to "just try it". I have missed out on so much the past several years; walking in the woods with my partner and dogs, and just walking normal. So, 2 Prolotherapy treatments later, in both knees...pain free left knee, discomfort right knee, and the knife-sharp-hip-going-out-pain is GONE!!! Thank you Michele for making me come here, and thank you Marino team for giving me my life back!" -A.S.

"Each time I visited Ive always felt so comfortable & welcomed . The staff is friendly, amazing & informative. I usually have Dawn perform my services in which she explains in detail the process & the future results to come. I also like that they are always updating new procedures giving the customer many options. I highly recommend Marino Health & wellness!" -M.R.

"I cannot say enough about Rachel, Ken and the team at Marino Health. I started visiting in December of 2020 and have become a regular. I have tried a number of treatments now, and have been so impressed and pleased with all my results. They have created an inviting space and atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. I have never felt better and am so thankful I found them!!! I couldn't be happier and highly recommend their services." -J.M.

"I have received treatments from Rachel and Ken. I have had fantastic results and enjoyed each treatment session. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. There is no pressure ot gimmicks. The results speak for themselves. My confidence in every step of my day has grown immensely. Thank you Marino healthcare!" -B.T.

"I recently had a couple treatments with Dawn and she was amazing. She was not only extremely knowledgeable but she made me feel so comfortable and at ease during the treatments. Not to mention, the amazing results I’ve had with the treatments!" -C.L.

"I am a raving fan of Marino Health and Wellness. I’ve been following Rachael’s work with stem cell therapy, so her move into aesthetics just makes sense. She’s extremely knowledgeable and always on the leading edge. I had a cryo facial and am very impressed with the results. In under thirty minutes you’ll see your skin glow and tighten. No question, I will be back-cannot wait for my first session with plasma pen around eye area." -P.B.

"Rachel and her team are extremely helpful. I have had the liberty of working professionally with them and then to see them as a patient with my family. Rachel and her team have a wide variety of different services to offer for all patients. They recently helped my husband and we would highly recommend them to anyone!"

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