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Cutting edge treatment demands staff on the leading edge of medical technology. 

The Marino Health & Wellness Team

A Healthcare Team Experienced in All Aspects of Regenerative Medicine. 

Rachel Marino, APRN

Rachel Marino, APRN

Clinic Director

Rachel Marino is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, licensed in both NH and MA. 

Ken MacDonald, RN

Ken MacDonald, RN

Client Care Specialist

Ken began his career in medicine in 2002 as an EMT and Emergency Room Technician.

Our Approach to Health and Wellness.

The critical first step in your healthcare is the determination of whether you are a good candidate for regenerative medicine. We determine this by offering a free, no obligation initial consultation.

You have the option to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with a board-certified nurse practitioner. If you prefer, you can schedule a free 30 minute consultation in our office. We'll take the time to fully understand your healthcare objectives, and let you know if we can help.
Life is complicated enough - finding a competent team who has your best interests in mind shouldn’t be.

More About Rachel

Rachel has over 14 years of nursing experience. She received her BSN from the University of Massachusetts Boston, graduating with honors. Rachel then worked as a Registered Nurse in many different areas, including pediatrics, critical care, ambulatory care and as a clinical instructor to student nurses.

In 2016, Rachel received her MSN from Maryville University, graduating with honors and as a member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. Rachel has been practicing in the field of Regenerative Medicine for the past two years.

Through her previous work in Portsmouth, NH, she has injected over 800 patients looking for relief from chronic pain. She has provided training to several Nurse Practitioners and Physicians throughout the country in Regenerative Injection Techniques.

She has also received training and obtained her certification in Micro-Needling and has helped to train other Practitioners in this modality. Rachel formed Marino Health & Wellness in 2019 so that she could take her knowledge and expertise to her local community in Southern NH.

As a Nurse Practitioner run clinic, there is a strong emphasis on really listening to our clients, having compassion and a general desire to help others.

Rachel strives to provide exceptional care and service to every one of her clients, so that they can walk away feeling good about themselves and the healing process that is about to take place.

More About Ken

Ken began his career in medicine in 2002 as an EMT and Emergency Room Technician. After receiving his Associates Degree in Nursing in 2005, he continued to work in the Emergency Department at a Level II Trauma Center in the Boston area.

With a desire to advance his skills and knowledge of the whole body, Ken secured positions in both Cardiac and Intensive Care Units. In 2012, he began working in Pre and Post-Operative Care, with an emphasis on orthopedic procedures, including knee, hip and shoulder repair/replacement. Wanting to help patients avoid these costly, painful and often debilitating surgeries, Ken began researching the benefits of Regenerative Medicine, including stem cell and exosome therapy.

He found that, with a little help, the body is capable of repairing itself safely and effectively through regeneration. He began working directly with patients receiving stem cell therapy in 2018 and continues to do so. He sees it as the future of medicine and has fully dedicated himself to this field.

Ken is devoted to his clients and is known for his compassionate and personalized care that he provides to each and every one.

FDA Registered for Your Safety

The FDA plays a role in stem cell treatment oversight and has the authority to regulate stem cell products in the United States. As part of the FDA’s review, investigators must show how each product will be manufactured. This is so the FDA can make sure appropriate steps are being taken to help assure the product’s safety, purity, and strength.

At Marino Health & Wellness, we source all stem cell products through an FDA Registered Lab. Our stem cells are safe for homologous use. That means they may be used to function in the same way the patient’s own tissue functions, which can aid in recovery.

Free Consultation

Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation or 30 minute office consultation with our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. 

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