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stem cells

We use the smallest needle size possible for the specific area and use an appropriate local anesthetic before the injection. The majority of patients tolerate the procedure with minimal discomfort or complaint. 

You may have some initial pain at the site of injection, which is to be expected with any needle puncture. We also ask you to refrain from the use of certain anti-inflammatory medications, which may make you more uncomfortable after your procedure for a period of time. Side effects are very rare, but clients have reported minor symptoms such as headache or nausea. Typically these symptoms will resolve within 2-3 days.

A healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise and stress management can help promote healing. We will discuss all of this with you and offer guidance so that you can optimize your results. You will also be given activity restrictions, which are dependent on the site of injection and type of therapy. You will be able to perform your normal, daily activities, but we will give you specific instructions that limit strenuous activity for a certain period of time.

Every client wants to know when they will see positive results, but the fact is that it is different for everyone. Most clients will notice something within the first 6-8 weeks, although some take 4-5 months. The degeneration did not occur overnight, so we ask that you be patient during the regeneration process. We are always available to support you and provide guidance during your period of healing. Just as with any therapy, there is also a possibility that your body will not respond and you will not have any noticeable changes. 

Results will vary from client to client. A lot will depend on what you do when you walk out of our office. We will counsel you on the best ways to optimize your results, including diet or other lifestyle changes that we feel will have a positive impact on your overall health. The hope is that with healthy lifestyle habits, you can get a sustained period of relief from your procedure. 

We will schedule a follow-up appointment for 6-8 weeks after your procedure. We will assess your progress and make a recommendation at this point for further follow-up. Some clients will require immobilization of the area for a short time period or possibly Physical Therapy for strengthening exercises after the initial healing period. Any anticipated after-care instructions will be discussed at length before you undergo any procedure or therapy. With your consent, we would like to continue to follow you long-term so that we can track results over time.

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